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Issue 4: Verdigris

When yellow metals are weathered over time.

... "It was a rainy October day in 1886 and the Statue of Liberty was shrouded in a French flag" ... "When residents first beheld Lady Liberty, they saw not an otherworldly, aqua-skinned allegory holding her lit torch, but a metallic, regal woman stretching up from a granite plinth." 

- Katy Kelleher in The Paris Review 

(Nov 24, 2020)

Latest Issue

Issue 3 - Iridescent

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Maddox Emory Arnold

Lindsay Comer

Arryn Lui

M.K. Walsh

Bryan Vale

Zoe Davis

Zary Fekete

John Grey

Dia VanGunten

Andre F. Peltier | Tip

Allison Walters Luther

Oliver Kleyer

Lyndsie Conklin | Paypal


Shamik Banerjee

Binod Dawadi

Irina Tall Novikova

Syreeta Muir

Allison Walters Luther

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